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Autocross to Win (DGs Autocross Secrets)

16 Aug 2016 We're still alive! Ran through the site and cleaned up some code and CSS for modern browsers.

29 Dec 2011: Just made it! New section on Weight Transfer. Plus other minor updates

7 Jan 2011: Fixed a bug with the calculation of shock forces above the digression knee in the Dynamics Calculator

5 Jan 2011: At last, a proper set of references to back up some damping ratio claims. See Choosing Shock Forces for more information.

1 Jan 2011: Happy New Year everybody! A New Year's Resolution from myself - write at least 3 more pages, including the very long awaited section on load transfer. Watch this space!

Also - looks like Bilstein finally released a proper rebound adjuster. Details HERE


The intent of this work is to share all the lessons I learned during my racing career; dumping as much of my brain and hard-earned knowledge into the public record as I can. It is, however, NOT public domain. I reserve the copyright for myself. You may NOT duplicate this elsewhere - including linking images - without my express permission - and this is the age of Google, folks, I WILL find you if you post it elsewhere. Otherwise, read and enjoy, and put this all to good use. Go fast!. DG