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About Street Modified 2 (SM2)

Street Modified 2 (SM2) is the newest addition to the Street Modified family. Where Street Modified addresses the sedan and coupe demographic (aka "Touring Cars") SM2 is for the "sports cars" - typically 2-seaters and small, lightweight cars.

SM2 is open to:

  • Two-seat Sports Cars
  • Cars excluded from SM due to performance reasons (ie Porsche 911, which has 4 seats but is really a sports car)
  • SM cars that do not meet the weight minimums
  • SM cars that do not meet the engine displacement limits
  • All SM-legal cars are additionally SM2-eligible (although almost certainly not competitive)

All rules, aside from these eligibility requirements, are shared between SM and SM2. For more information, see the Rules Page

As of the 2004 season, SM2 is a fully recognised National Class. Congrats to all the competitors who worked so hard to make this happen!


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