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Street Modified is an SCCA Solo2 and ProSolo class, designed to address three main areas:

  1. There exists a large and growing population of car enthusiasts driving small-displacement, four-seat sport compact cars. These enthusiasts have to this point been primarily active in "import drag" competitions, but the typical vehicle modifications they perform are highly conducive to Solo competition.

  2. The modifications performed by this demographic are usually far in excess of those allowed by the current Street Prepared rules, but these vehicles are street driven - so classing them in Modified with purpose-built race cars is not fair. Without a fair class, they cannot be retained as regular participants.

  3. The popularity of these vehicles means that a class that caters to them is highly marketable. This high marketability means greater exposure for the SCCA, the Solo program, and for the competitors themselves. Done correctly, Street Modified has the potential to become a "showcase class" for Solo, much the same way that Top Fuel is a showcase class for the NHRA. This hightened awareness means more manufacturer participation, more media coverage, and ultimately more spectator and competitor participation for the SCCA.

  4. After the success of the original SM class, competitors with cars not eligible for SM demanded a class with similar rules where their cars would be eligible. SM2 was created to meet this demand.

This website is intended to serve the following functions:

  1. To serve as a resource center to explain what we are about to the media and to potential competitors, and sponsors.

  2. To act as a centralized resource for SM/SM2 competitors, to aid in both the conduct of their racing season and in identifying and recruiting new SM/SM2 participants.

It is important to stress that "if they build it, they will come" does not hold true. In order for SM to become what is envisioned for it, it will take active and continuous effort on the part of all SM competitors to recruit and retain new members, attract manufacturer support, and continuous media coverage.

If you are a new SM/SM2 competitor, or if you are interested in competing, your first step should be to to visit the Resources section. Be sure to join the mailing list - this will put you in contact with current SM competitors (quite possibly in your area) who will be happy to help you get started. Mailing list members will also happily answer any questions asked of them.

Good luck, and welcome to SM!


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