PowerFist Blast Cabinet`

It can be very, very handy to have a media blasting cabinet to clean off old cruddy parts and strip metal for welding or painting.

This is a Princess Auto PowerFist SKU 8046492 Floor Model Cabinet, which is similar to other Chinese cabinets, like the models you can get at Amazon.com.

Blast Cabinet

Some tips and tricks about making this cabinet work:

  • It is made of 16 ga or 18 ga sheet steel bolted together with like a billion screws. Every single seam MUST be cauked, or it will leak all over the place. Be generous with the cauk!
  • I mated mine to a PowerFist Air Dryer and that really helps keep the media (I use glass beads) flowing smoothly. It is amazing how much water collects in the air dryer during use.
  • It is absolutely unusable until you replace the suction hose, as the OEM hose pinches flat under vaccuum. I bought some actual sandblast siphon hose and that fixed the problem. The gun itself seems OK.
  • The light kit is a waste of time. Instead, I got a cheap halogen shop light and bolted/cauked it into the top of the cabinet. Better lighting and the heat helps keep the media dry.
  • It has a real appetite for air. My 18 CFM shop conpressor can drive it all day without dropping below 80 PSI, but a 7 CFM compressor could only drive it for short bursts. If you get one of these cabinets, you will need a big boy compressor to drive it.

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