Our Sponsors


The bane of the Talon/Eclipse is the factory transmission, seemingly made out of glass. Jon@TRE built us a transmission capable of standing up to 5500 RPM stutterbox launches - if you've got a modified DSM, you'll eventually need his work in your car too.

Forced Performance
The turbo experts at Forced Performance design all our turbos and do our turbo maintainence. We run their proven Big 28 turbo, designed especially for us, and now availible to the general public. If you want a new turbo, designed to your specs, or if your old turbo needs rebuilding, give Robert a call!


You can only muck with the stock EFI computer for so long before you realize you need something with a little more control over the engine, so we're using a GEMS Sequential 4 fuel/ignition system. It uses the stock wiring harness, uses most of the stock sensors, but is completely programmable (in real time!) and has all kinds of nifty extra features. All kinds of FIA World Rally cars use this computer (and it is the direct ancestor of the AEM EMS) - so you know it works!

Isotope Racing Wheels

Volk Racing Wheels are the strongest and lightest wheels you can buy without having to break the bank, and Isotope Racing Wheels is the best place to get Volks. Paul Brown at Isotope is an autocrosser himself, so you can trust that you're getting a good wheel at a fair price. By switching to Volk TE-37s, we saved over 40lbs of rotating mass!

Hoosier Tires

These are, bar none, the best tires in autocross today. Run Hoosiers, or lose, it really is that simple. We get ours (and our Quaife bits too) from Hoosier Tom at Mid-Atlantic Motorsport.


Autocross cars live and die by their suspensions, and an inferior spring just won't pass muster. We use Hypercoil suspension springs exclusively - they don't sag, and their rates are held to the closest tolerences we've found.

Bilstein Shocks

Shock development was a huge part of our efforts, and having a shock that is easily rebuilt and revalved on track is a huge advantage. Bilstein bent over backwards to help us out, and the results show the fruit of all that hard work.

Signs and More

All the graphics on the car are thanks to the overworked folks at Signs and More. The car looks beautiful, it's immediately recognisable, and Jim and the gang think nothing of changing their schedules to meet ours. Need graphics for a car? Call them.

Buschur Racing

Buschur Racing was one of the great pioneers of building DSM speed, and they gave us our first big break, sponsoring the team as lead sponsor for the 1998 and 1999 seasons - and I still think the Buschur Racing livery was the best looking the car ever wore. But since Tym left, the place has gone steadily downhill, and the recent (2008) behaviour out of that shop is just downright embarassing. I'm thankful for the help they provided in the past, and if they still upheld the core values of customer service and technical innovation they once embraced, I'd still recommend them. But they don't. Go to Magnus instead.


Clutchmasters called me up cold one night and asked me to run their clutch and flywheel. When that proved to have teething problems - we were launching a lot harder than they thought and the first clutch they sent was a little too agressive - not only did they send out a replacement clutch, they also paid for the parts we broke testing the first one. A class act all around, and the final product was bulletproof.

Far North Racing is no longer actively campaigning and so is not looking for sponsors. We are, however, occasionally available for consultations. If you would like to have us test and/or review your product, drop us a line at RecceDG@gmail.com