Volk TE37 Wheels

We replaced our wheels with these Volk TE37 17 x 9.5" +12mm wheels, provided by Isotope Racing Wheels

17 lbs each. We run 275 40 R17 Kumho tires. The videotape is for size comparison purposes

These are the widest wheels/tires ever run on a Talon. No, they don't rub.

Later on, we switched to Hoosier tires in the same size. They fit just as well, and worked a lot better.

2010 Update: These are great wheels, light and strong, and the ne plus ultra of riceboy dream bling wheels. But tire development proceeds apace so we eventually changed wheels to Enkei RPF1 in 18" x 10" in order to fit Hoosier 285 30 R18 tires, which occupied the same volume but had a half inch wider footprint, due mainly to the squarer shoulder. Hoosier Tom sold us the Enkeis.