Momo Steering Wheel and Seat

Strangely enough, I don't like high explosives pointed at my face. So the stock steering wheel (and its airbag) was replaced with this MOMO race wheel. Saved 5 lbs. On the upper right is the A/F ratio gauge, and the EGT gauge. The black box at upper center is a 2-stage shift light driven by the datalogger.

Here's the MOMO Rookie race seat installed. This seat, plus brackets, weighs 14lbs. The stock, non-power seat weighs a whopping 42 lbs.

Detail of the brackets. Self-fabricated out of 1/8" aluminum angle, bolted to the seat bottom and the stock holes in the floor. Note that the stock mounting points are asymmetrical in 3 axis - getting this really simple design to actually fit was a serious pain in the tailbone.

The seat, occupied by the crew chief. Note that the seat position is no longer adjustable; those with short legs need not apply.