2004 Oscoda ProSolo

What's black and loud and eats M3s for breakfast?

Yours truly just won Street Modified at the Oscoda ProSolo, beating both Bob Tunnell AND Matthew Braun.

In fact, I even managed to put down the second fastest DOT-R tire time of the event (a hopped-up Z06 pipped me by a couple of tenths)

Car run good.

Bob wound up 5th. He broke his car in the Saturday afternoon heat (rear diff) and then jumped into Braun's M3 for Sunday morning. He redlit his first run, and that threw him off his game, and that was pretty much that.

The margin between me and Matthew was a little over a tenth.

For those that don't know the name, Matthew Braun is the guy that took the CS National Championship in 2002 by like 2 seconds. CS is a huge class, pretty much "spec Miata" and it's full of talent. Putting that much margin on the class is unheard of. The man has mad driving skilz yo.

I honestly didn't think I had a chance... but the car is handling better than it ever has, and I had a good day.

Now I gotta do it all over again. Both Bob and Matthew are going to be at the Peru Pro in mid-August. The series this year is best 3 of first 4 events. If you have 2 wins and a second, you can win the Finale and will win the overall. Bob has three wins. Matthew has 2 wins and a second. I now have a win and a second. If I can win in Peru, that will effectively tie the series points and will give me a shot at the Championship.

That's also the Shootout weekend... so I guess I'm skipping the SO this year.

Other notable finishes: Eric Stemler won ESP in his EVO - that's his first ever National-level win. Charles Moss was there too, but he was struggling and finished midpack.