1999 Virginia ProSolo

(As originally posted to the Talon Digest)

This race stands to be interesting, because Fedja has come to play, and he's decided to run in Pro 2 with me. For the first time, I get to compare my car (that has been an ESP car for a whole 3 months) against a DSM that has been raced Nationally for more than a year.

Fedja, however, has an ace up his sleeve ~ he's just completed a McKamey school, and he's driving better than he ever has in his life, whereas my driving has been a little... spotty.

The course is tight and twisty, although there is one section of long offsets that can be done almost flat out if you get it right. It's not DSM country, but it is prime CRX country.

Sure enough, the CRXen hand us our hats again in a big way, followed by Andy Bettencourt in his 3rd gen RX-7 twin turbo R. Fedja and I are left to battle it out for 5th, ahead of another RX-7.

I actually nip him out by a scant few hundredths on the left (a low 30.2 to his high 30.2), but I never put together a decent right side time, and Fedja takes 5th by a combined total of .09 seconds. He almost makes it a little more convincing than that, but he cones away a 30.2 on the right and has to stand on a 30.4 (to my 30.5).

Incidentally, had we been running ESP in NationalSeries, we'd have finished 1-2, almost 2 SECONDS FASTER than the rest of the field. Grrr, shades of Ft Myers. At least I beat Marcus again.