1999 Detroit SCCA Season Opener

(As originally posted to the Talon Digest)

There are 2 classes in Detroit that are so deep with talent that running them is like doing a National Tour, and they are GS and ESP. This is good if you like competing against the best the sport has to offer (Iron Sharpens Iron) but not so good if you like cheap wins.

This was the first big gathering of ESP in Detroit (14 cars) and everyone brought out their cars from the winter's modification season. Most notably, Marcus Meridith brought out his "new" Mustang Cobra R, an absolutely ferocious beast.

The site was Lawrence Tech, a medium-grip, very bumpy surface with a large elevation change at the far end of the lot - and a great big Jeezus bump crossing the course in a turn just before the hill. My first time through, I smacked this bump full-throttle, flew all 4 wheels into the air, came down and immediately squirted off the course, spinning through 2 full rotations before finally coming to a stop. The second time, I thought I was ready for it, but I was still going too fast, and wound up with a one-rotation spin. Note: stiff suspensions do /not/ like getting airborne!

I wound up tip-toeing through that section more than I had to, and never really got back into the game, and wound up 7th.