1997 DSM Shootout

(As originally posted to the Talon Digest)

Ho all, back from the shootout.

I'm sure Todd's been flooded with messages describing the goings-on at the Shootout, so I'll spare everyone my take on the play-by-play action. :) However, I do have a few things to say:

First, I had a blast! It really was a fantastic weekend, and the primary reason was the quality of the people. It's hard to get a feel for someone's real personality over the 'net, but overall DSM Club folks have to be the friendliest, most laid back group I have had the pleasure of meeting. I've only been a DSM owner for about a month, and I felt right at home with the long timers. If you could have gone and didn't, give your head a shake, you missed a fantastic time.

Special thanks to Dave B. I think the number of people who showed up caught him a little by surprise, and there were a few logistics glitches because of it. However, he and his infinitely patient wife recovered really well, and in my opinion at least, none of the glitches were at all serious. Thanks Dave.

Thanks too to the Norwalk Raceway staff, who did a fine job of keeping the race events moving.

(2010 Comment: How weird that, given my normal penchant for reporting on everything, I skipped over reporting how I won a race in this car the second time out? Bizarre.)