1G In SM

This is Mike@DSS's setup for an SM 1991 AWD Talon


  • DSS Coil over kit (400lb F, 350lb. R)
  • KYB AGX (because they are cheap)(set on 3 front, 2 rear) Koni would be better for street.
  • Front lower control arm rear bushing (the big one), urethane.
  • I ran 17x8, but 16x8 would work better as you can run 245/45-16 for a better diameter than the 245-45-17s, and wider than the 235-40-17 (which is what I won on) We are going to experiment with 17x9 and 255/40-17. I have the wheels but not the tires.
  • ST rear sway bar, stock front
  • All diffs are stock, but we are going to experiment with a Kaaz in the front, with stock everywhere else.
  • 2.5deg front camber, from the lower bolt hole on the strut.
  • 1/8" toe out front
  • 1 deg rear camber, 1/32 toe out rear.
  • If you have ABS, disable it!!!!!

Driving Techniques

  • DON'T GO TO REDLINE!!!! Especially in the slaloms. Or you WILL get the dreaded steering cut.
  • Our cars don't need to go that high, just leave it in 2nd, even on the extremely slow stuff. You will feel he turbo lag kills your time, but the time it takes to shift to first, spool the turbo, then back to 2nd and spool the turbo takes WAY longer than just waiting for the turbo to spool in 2nd and you won't be near the steering cut. (I don't have a modified steering pump)


  • For an SM turbo, I'm thinking unported, unclipped big 16G or small 16G with 6cm housing. But with all the other free flow parts a lot of turbos will spool good. I have something Robert at FP made for me years ago. It is a modified L2. It starts making boost by 2800, and the boost threshold is ~3400, with all the other air flow mods. I've run the 3400lb car (with me in it) to a 12.1@114. With my auto-x set up and race fuel.

Mike Croutcher @ DSS (Mike@DSS)
(805) 541-4483
(805) 541-7165 fax

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